It’s the 1st May, a holiday celebrating the workers who keep our economies churning. It is also the beginning of Africa Month. On the 25th May we as Africans commemorate the formation of the African Union but because we like to extend our celebrations, we will celebrate Africa the whole month.

Toys with Roots is always celebrating Africa but we invite you in this month to go on a journey with us as we learn more about our continent with all its woes and greatness.

54 officially recognised countries are on this continent and a few are islands on our sides. Each of these countries have unique attributes about them and lessons to teach the world, of how to do and even how not to do! The African continent has been painted as a dark place of poverty and pain but gradually this is changing as many nations are driving innovations and growth in our world.

This is an exciting month for us and hope it is for you too 🙂

Happy Africa month!